Dr Pops Website Design, Branding & Packaging

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The Brief

We were approcated by the manufacturers and distributors of Dr Pops to create an exciting new brand, along with packaging & a website.

Dr Pops are all natural vitamins and supplements for kids that are presented in a lollipop format. So this needed to be clearly stated on th packaging and website

The brand, set up predominately for the US market, was to feature the Australian brand heritage on the packaging and to be nice and vibrant to appeal to both kids and mums.

Our Approach

We first started out with the logo and packaging. We wanted to create something nice and colourful that would scream ‘kids’ and bring to life the brand’s Australian herritage. Since the lollipops are predominantly only sold within the US market, we chose to display a kangaroo (dressed up as a doctor) to display front and centre on the packaging. The vibrant colours we chose help with the product’s shelf presence and the large type helps distinguish between variants.

Once the brand and packaging were created, we were onto the website design. We chose to display large lifestyle photographs of kids enjoying the Dr Pops lollipops along with large callouts across the site to help display the product’s unique features and benefits.

The site itself also needed to be connected via EDI to a third party US warehouse system to allow for orders to sync with the warehouse management system. We were able to help set this up to allow the website’s orders to effortly sync between the site and the warehouse