Em & Mary Branding, Packaging Design & Website Development

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The Brief

The manufactures of Em & Mary approached us to create an ‘insta-worthy’ skincare brand that would appeal to younger, health-conscious women. The brand was to be coastal inspired and to be incredibliy minimalistic but still feminine.

Em & Mary is created by a mother and daughter duo with an incredible passion for high-quality, natural ingredients that do wonders for the skin.

Our Approach

We first began with the site’s branding and colour scheme and created a minimal and elegant type lockup, along with a nice light aqua to bring out the coastal inspired vibes.

Next up, we created the packaging – again, incredibly minimal, with a few nice little benefit logos to help call out the product’s unique qualities.

For the website, we used an elegant theme with a big feature on large coastal images and product photographs to help drive home the coastal inspired and natural ingredients aspect of the brand